• Collective experience in regulated industries, working with some of the world’s best companies
  • Well versed in what the platform needs to deliver operationally and where it can add value and improve performance in contact centres

What we do

Yabber analyses and assesses customer telephone calls and provides insight into key risk areas using a voice to text transcription and experienced staff.

The Yabber platform can identify and resolve your everyday challenges. It helps create opportunities and gives assurance that you are treating your customers fairly, meeting compliance regulations and enhancing your reputation. Ultimately improving sales conversions and productivity.

Using our Yabber platform we;

  • Transfer customer telephone calls into accurate written format
  • Analyse 100% of transcribed data to measure what is or is not being said
  • Obtain insights into compliance risks, complaints and sales
  • Deliver analytical outputs and meaningful insights into your customer engagement
  • Evaluate critical customer interactions on customer vulnerability
  • Deploy a consultative approach to remediate and optimise performance

Yabber brings a unique solution to contact centre analytics that has been designed by our experienced professionals who understand the challenges faced by contact centres today.

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Give Compliance

Improve Sales

Improve Sales


Improve Customer

Software Platform



Listens to and transcribes 100% of call recordings



Analyses transcribed data to enable holistic overview of what is or is not being said



Ability to get granular detail to assess individual, team or campaign performance


The Yabber Advantage

At Yabber, we pride ourselves on our unique platform delivering transformational insights from 100% of your customer interactions, delivering results that pick-up inconsistencies and failures, taking away the pain from manual quality monitoring and analysis.


  • Yabber listens to and transcribes 100% of customer calls
  • Identifies risk and gives compliance re-assurance
  • Helps achieve higher first call resolution rates
  • Supports improved customer outcomes
  • Provides clear, focused insights to deliver an immediate impact on the business
  • Highlights individual and team performance to maximise overall efficiency and customer experience
  • Identifies patterns of complaints
  • Improves brand loyalty and customer retention
  • Analysis of calls can identify product enhancements and optimise opportunities
  • Identifies which competitors your customers are talking about
  • Creates tailored campaigns for clients with the most flexible pricing models in the market

Yabber Understands Your Challenges

Yabber brings a unique solution to contact centre analysis that has been designed by our experienced professionals who understand the challenges faced by centres today. The challenges:

  • How can I reduce my overall costs without compromising my customer service?
  • How can I evaluate and increase my effectiveness if I am only able to monitor 5% of my contact centre calls? What does the other 95% tell me?
  • I need more visibility and control of my call agents, is there a way to monitor 100% of my customer contact interactions to objectively score on specific call quality attributes?
  • What is the real reason for a low sales conversion? training issues? low staff morale? unstructured scripts?
  • How can this analysis actually help my productivity?
  • How do I identify and process vulnerable customers ?
  • I want to increase my first call resolutions and ensure my customers remain loyal. How can this be done?
  • How many of my customers are complaining?
  • How can I demonstrate independent Compliance Monitoring for audit purposes and avoid penalties?



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