Get valuable insights from
100% of customer interactions

Yabber provides Client Interaction Analytics using the perfect marriage between Artificial Intelligence and human insight

We’ve worked with some of the world’s best companies

  • International retail and Investment banks
  • Accountants
  • Specialist lenders
  • Building Societies
  • BPOs
  • Other financial services companies throughout the UK, Europe and Australia


Yabber analyses and makes sense of all multi-channel customer interactions in near real-time allowing you to make better business decisions.

Using an ecosystem of multiple AI engines, we produce more accurate feedback than is currently being achieved in the market, and whilst the process is technology based, it is supported by our team of practical experts who have the ability to not only interpret result output, but to:

Give Compliance

Give Compliance


Improve Sales

Improve Customer Out

Improve Customer

Software Features

Available in 100.

Available in 100+
languages and



Accuracy is assured using multiple AI engines to overlay results


Support from

The Yabber team have the history and experience of running some of the largest customer service teams across the globe

Core Benefits

Yabber was created to satisfy a distinct need in the audit and process improvement space, specifically in customer contact centres. Having the experience of helping various companies including banks and reviewing call centres in the UK, Ireland and across Europe over 5 years, we recognised the need to find a technology solution to enable a more analytic approach to support our clients.


Compliance and Performance

Supports compliance or QA teams by giving additional or enhanced line of defence
Provides more manageable outputs and improves the MI
Performance assessment
Help target key training and coaching needs
Reduce call handling times
Reduce complaints
Improve operational efficiency



Increased customer engagement
Recognise more cross selling opportunities
Increase customer retention rates
Reduce QC overheads by automating more of the process
Ability to re-direct overhead costs to generate more sales
Assess marketing campaigns
Monetise missed sales opportunities


Other Benefits

Regulator reporting assistance, collections oversight, complaints handling, benchmarking services, corrective action plans, identification of conduct risk, customer experience measurement, organisational behaviours, BPO oversight, SLA verifications, review average handling time (AHT) and suggest improvements, help improve first call resolution (FCR) and more..

Yabber launches in APAC

The Australian Royal Banking Commission

In response to the Banking Royal Commission, Yabber can support clients wishing to improve conduct and customer outcomes in Australia. At this point in the process we do not know what recommendations from the commission report will be adopted, but it is safe to make some assumptions; regulatory oversight will become more stringent, capital adequacy rules will be increased, proper measures of customer satisfaction will need to be applied, reviews of policies and processes will be needed, evidence of compliance actions is likely to be sought and more.

Yabber and it’s team of professionals can help, both through it’s AI tools and consultancy expertise, brought from the UK, where a similar scenario 10 years ago resulted in increased compliance, regulatory pressures and oversight issues, but at the expense of customer experience. Systems and controls became clunky and costly and against the background of legacy systems has proved a long-term headache for financial services companies. The Australian market has the chance to avoid making the same mistakes and engaging with independent suppliers of support services is a great place to start.


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