Yabber Global

A Post COVID-19 World – Working From Home

Like the rest of the business world, our clients have been trying to trade through exceptional times, wherever in the world they are located.  The fact they have largely succeeded is a testament to their determination and drive.

Depending on where firms are located, the upside-down working practices have now been driving our work lives for over four months.  And just as some locations are attempting to get back to as normal work processes as possible, others are having to backtrack because of regional lockdowns, not even specific to one continent.  We have seen further restrictions in Melbourne, various states in America and travellers returning to the UK from Spain are now required to self-isolate for 14 days.  New working practices are therefore a global challenge.

While not wishing to be pessimistic, it is now clear that firms need to plan for a disrupted way of working well into 2021.  During the first phase of what is becoming labelled as ‘the new normal’ we have been pleased to have helped firms maintain high levels of quality assurance and customer interaction oversight.  The positive feedback we have received has continued to motivate us, as we are also working from a variety of locations and making it work.  Our main focus remains the production of high quality QA outputs that enable our clients to achieve superior levels of customer interaction oversight.

During the pandemic we have helped clients by regularly issuing a number of ‘think-pieces’ helping firms work towards adopting the new normal – they all remain on our news page.  Whilst sharing our thoughts, we have specifically focussed on solutions to enable firms to work through the contact centre call chaos of the past few months.  Having thousands of staff working from home and in remote locations has proved challenging for firms and has also highlighted the exacting demands of regulators (who have not dropped their high standards).

We have now pooled our thoughts from the last four months and debate current and future challenges for contact centres in a handy white paper.

Challenges like recent events are precisely why we developed Yabber Global, with its ability to monitor and report on 100% of customer interactions wherever they take place, providing managers with the focused feedback they need to ensure correct customer outcomes.

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