About Us



Yabber Global is a subsidiary of the Rockstead Group

Rockstead was established by finance professionals to provide support services to assist companies carry out due diligence reviews and to improve standards. That can take the form of reviews of business practises or establishment of policies and procedures, all with the aim of creating improved customer experiences.

Having a due diligence focus has resulted in us assisting in the compliance and oversight space, whether it helps regulated businesses or those that simply are looking to get operational efficiences from their processes.


The Yabber team have the history and experience of running some of the largest customer service teams, including sales and contact centre environment, across the globe. That experience covers both retail and investment banks, lenders, intermediary markets, insurance, fintech, travel and utilities.



Rockstead Group is owned by the directors and is truly independent supplier of services in Europe

Financially Sound

Finance Sound

A strong balance sheet. Rockstead Group is an associate member of UK finance

Core Competence

Core Competence

Due Diligence with a focus on mortgage, loan and financial asset related reviews

Expert Team

Expert Team

Most credible team in the market

Our Team

Our team spans across Europe and the Asia-Pacific and includes industry experts.

Brian Pitt

Group CEO

Mortgage market expert with 40 years experience including board positions with four lenders and international experience (USA and Australia) and member of the Academy of Experts.

Erik Bergstrom

Chief Commercial Officer

25+ years experience as a CFO including board positions and international experience (USA and Australia) in Corporate, SME and Fin-tech arena.

Liam De Rothschild

Managing Director

20+ years extensive global experience in Customer Services, Operations and Client Management within banking, telco, airline and insurance sectors in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Our Team

Our team spans across Europe and the Asia-Pacific and includes industry experts.

Patrick Tuttle

Non Executive Director

Ex Pepper Group CEO, Private Investor, Corporate Advisor and Financial Services specialist with over 35 years experience both domestically (Australia) and internationally.

Matthew Booth

Country Manager – Australia

Over 20 years as a senior executive with various banks and financial services companies globally. His experience covers analytics and digital transformation activity.

Neima Nour

Head of Operations

15+ years contact centre management experience in financial services and retail across Europe, India, Australia and Japan.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s best companies

  • International retail and Investment banks
  • Accountants
  • Specialist lenders
  • Building Societies
  • BPOs
  • Other financial services companies throughout the UK, Europe and Australia