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Contact Centre Monitoring – The Global challenge

The pace of change in the globalisation of product purchases and customer service centres continues, but the challenges of monitoring interactions between staff and customers in business units based in different countries has not kept up.

The global harmonisation of regulatory requirements coupled with the aim of achieving consistency of service performance across jurisdictions continue to push firms to improve standards.  In our experience, managers responsible for contact centre quality monitoring have found it frustrating that technology has historically lagged behind their needs.

A common requirement we encounter is firms needing to monitor interactions in multiple countries with multiple languages and dialects.  Historically, this challenge has been one that firms have not been able to crack, however augmented and artificial intelligence can solve these challenges.  The Yabber ‘eco-system’ of multiple transcription engines enables us to give firms the assurance they need to ensure their offshore sites are performing within company and compliance guidelines.

Regulators around the world are focusing on good customer outcomes.   Recent regulatory interventions and fines both in the UK and Australia, show that the financial cost of non-compliance is not a risk worth taking, without even considering the associated reputational risk.

So, can Yabber really make a difference?  Yabber enables firms to monitor 100% of customer interactions, rather than the usual 5%.  This means that firms can quickly and efficiently identify and fix key issues.  Without our technological support, firms relying on internal manual Quality Control (QC) functions are simply not able to identify or assess enough interactions to make a real difference – they are just papering over the cracks.  Such an approach to QC no longer cuts it with regulators.

Yabber is not simply a compliance tool; it can help identify high risk calls, look out for vulnerable customers, measure competitor activity and provide more accurate internal MI.  As an independent assessment tool, it is designed to support existing QC functions, helping to drive efficiency up and costs down.

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