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Customer outcome measurement post COVID

It is now over a year since the pandemic forced our eShots to focus on quality assurance (QA) processes in contact centre operations.  At that time, the majority of staff were suddenly obliged to work from home.  For many firms, the main challenge was to maintain their operations and meet internal and external service standards whilst the transition took place.  Most businesses, due to resilient operational plans, achieved that goal and managed to switch from office-based operations to working from home processes within days.  However, whilst some felt that QA, even in such a unique situation, had to be maintained to at least status quo levels, others recognised the need to increase QA and oversight processes.  We are not surprised to see those businesses as the winners in the race to secure good customer outcomes.     
It is now generally accepted that working practices will not return to previous norms.  Staff are enjoying the flexibility of the enforced change in their ‘work life balance’, and some state they do not want to go back to the pre-COVID world of long, time consuming commutes and structured in-office attendance.  Others are looking forward to getting back to a working environment in the traditional sense, back in the office.  This is a challenge for employers, but most will embrace the changing needs of both the business and their employees when deciding how to operate in the future.

The new focus is agility and digital transformation.  In terms of progress, the pandemic has forced firms to evolve at a pace not seen in peacetime and the rate of change does not seem to be slowing.  What does this mean for contact centres?  The priority is to ensure that QA monitors individual operatives’ performance wherever customer interactions take place and via whatever medium the business and customer use to interact.  Yabber can help.

Yabber is proven to help you TRAIN, INCREASE REVENUE and IMPROVE COMPLIANCE. 
Increase revenue
• Increase new sales conversions – up to 50%
• Improve scripts for retention programmes
• Measure and Motivate staff
Reduce cost
• Cut QA/QC overheads
• 100% monitoring for less costs
• Re-distribute resources
Improve compliance
• Prove to the regulator you track customer outcomes
• Verify the integrity of your data
• Find out what your customers are saying about you

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