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Data Collection v Consumer Confidence

At this time of year customer contact centre managers are trying to estimate volumes for the next 12 months to plan and build resources to match.  They are also challenged with reviewing market developments and trends and how they will impact on future operations.  
All businesses across the globe have found 2020 extremely disruptive and most are desperate to pre-empt future risks and challenges.  High on the ‘risks list’ are the collection of consumer data and the processing of it via artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and regulator attitudes to those processes.  The increasing use of AI and ML can benefit consumers as the more businesses know about their customers, the better they are able to develop products, procedures, policies, and workflows that put customer needs and circumstances at the centre of their thinking.  But there is a need to improve customer acceptance of ‘deep learning’, to convince them, and the regulators, of the longer-term benefits of the collection of data in a compliant way.  

Customers will be blind to the benefits arguments if they do not trust the firm that holds their data.  While social responsibility is gaining importance in governance and oversight codes, it is a customer’s individual experience with a business that wins over hearts and minds.  We know that the more firms can develop a relationship built on trust, the more likely they are to retain that customer.  By properly managing the data, firms can develop products and services that the customer is looking for, further improving the experience, and ultimately resulting in a more profitable outcome for everyone.  

There has never been a more important time to consider all customer interactions.  For many businesses, the primary customer contact continues to be by telephone, and we see that trend continuing into 2021 and beyond, as we all change our working environment to adapt to the new normal of working from home.  We created Yabber to help companies improve standards in compliance and workflow processes; we analyse and assess 100% of customer interactions, providing insights into key risk areas using a combination of AI and human expertise.  

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