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Download – Working From Home In A Post COVID-19 World

A guide for financial institutions and their accountable personnel in managing the challenges of disparate staff, working from home post Covid-19.


To say 2020 has turned out a bit different than we thought would be an understatement. The tragedy of COVID-19 from a health perspective can be seen all around the globe; many people have lost their lives, our daily activities have been severely impacted, jobs have been lost and for those fortunate enough to still be working, the majority have done so from home.

This short guide is not designed as a plan to quickly transition from the depths of this pandemic. It serves as a tool to assist managers in contact centre environments pragmatically address the challenges (that were always there, just now more visible) of operating a contact centre in a remote working environment.

This short guide looks at the operational and technological tools available to managers in regulated environments who want to put in place a comprehensive quality and monitoring framework to achieve both compliance and commercial goals.