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First Call Resolution – poll results

In our last blog we questioned the wide range of call centre metrics and suggested that the most important one, from a customer satisfaction perspective, was ‘first call resolution’ (FCR) measurement.The feedback we received showed that firms do believe that measure is the best one. So, we arranged a poll that posed the question from a consumer’s perspective and asked “do they feel that their issue is resolved at their first point of contact?”

The results showed that 69% of respondents answered either ‘never’ or ‘less than half the time’. This is a damning view of the effectiveness of calls to contact centres. More worryingly, most contact centre managers are oblivious to this measure, as they focus on easier to identify, but less important metrics. Ultimately firms therefore have a false view of customer satisfaction levels – as we said in https://yabberglobal.com/voice-analytics-the-importance-of-first-call-resolution/ .

Solving customers’ issues during the first interaction is vital to achieve positive customer outcomes and increases in efficiency. Firms can improve their FCR rates by being able to identify (and fix) the mismatch between agents’ and consumers’ perceptions of a particular call and an independent review of these metrics will help.

Yabber delivers analysis that helps firms recognise key verbal clues in all customer call interactions. It achieves this by drilling into each call looking at keywords and phrases, helping firms understand the context and actual outcome of a call. As Yabber can monitor 100% of all calls, the outputs more accurately measure customer satisfaction and gives firms the ability to make positive improvements in this area. Using a combination of technology and human expertise it can provide solutions efficiently and cost effectively.

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