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Non-compliance – the cost of doing business?

Readers of our regular outputs will be aware that regulators are not shy in issuing substantial fines to businesses that fail to comply with their requirements.  As fines become larger, remediation costs increase and negative publicity results, such penalties can no longer be accepted as a ‘cost of doing business’.
It is not surprising then that businesses are beginning to tighten up scopes of work with their suppliers.  Outsourced call centres are becoming the focus of this attention as firms see these arrangements as potential weak links in their relationships with customers.

We are seeing more specific and measurable penalties built into scopes of work between businesses and the BPOs they employ.  These penalties have been, until now, largely based on a percentage of the monthly invoice or a fixed penalty per compliance breach.  However, an increasing focus on quality assurance and compliance is beginning to drive KPIs around customer outcomes.  We are aware of the use of scientific analysis of Client Satisfaction programmes (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to help promote better customer retention rates.  It is also becoming clear that BPOs who are failing to meet agreed KPIs are facing increased oversight themselves, with larger numbers of customer contacts being reviewed.  Of course, that information is being fed into future contract negotiations, so it is critical to ensure all parties get improved results.

Yabber offers a breadth of services that cater for the full range of call centre types, from small FTE based offices to large scale BPO enterprises covering multiple languages, industries and client demands.  We work on a consultative basis, focusing on your business needs to help quickly and efficiently identify and fix key issues.  With our unique solutions we are confident that we can make a difference to your business.

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