Yabber Global

Planning for 2021

The last quarter of a year is the period when many firms start planning for the forthcoming year – and this year’s planning cycle is no different, despite the global pandemic.  With such drastic effects on businesses this year, we anticipate 2021 plans to be dominated by cost reduction activities and getting more value from any monies spent.

It is not surprising that we are seeing an increased focus on business process outsourcers (BPOs) as firms look to benefit from greater operational flexibility and a more focused return on expenditure.  Firms are increasingly engaging BPOs to manage customer contact centres, as they can benefit from economies of scale and potential cost savings, increased efficiency, improved infrastructure and access to skilled resources.

Our clients, whether BPO or direct, are seeing these benefits and more. The Yabber platform enables them to analyse customer interactions more effectively and can identify other opportunities for improvement, e.g. training and development, compliance and treated customer fairly measurements.  In addition, customer satisfaction and competitor analyses have recently become popular features.

While auditing 5% of calls may have been acceptable in the past, regulators now require firms to have developed a greater understanding of customer interactions.  They are also seeking improvements in customer outcomes that flow from more exacting and robust oversight. With many contact centres already announcing that agents will continue to work from home until at least Spring 2021, regulators are expecting more focus from firms in these areas.

Working with Yabber can make a difference to your business.  Our consultative approach will focus on your own needs, but by monitoring 100% of your customer interactions, that element alone will lead to a focus on helping you quickly and efficiently identify and fix key issues.  Without our unique solutions, firms relying on internal manual QC functions are simply not able to identify or assess enough interactions to make a real difference – they are just papering over the cracks.

To learn more, arrange a demo of the system or simply have a chat, give us a call to find out how we can help your business.