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Regulated companies are keeping a closer watch on their outsourced suppliers – are you?

The pros and cons of in-house v outsourced call centres have been debated at length and supporters of either approach are usually adamant that ‘their’ way is the ‘right’ way.  While we understand the arguments for and against both models, we do not subscribe to the argument that one way is right and the other is wrong.  

We believe that either model can be appropriate and depend on a firm’s objectives, resources, technologies and expertise.  What is becoming more important is the need for appropriate oversight in both models.

In the same way that firms are implementing greater oversight of their internal operations and performance, it is becoming clear that firms who outsource call centre activities are becoming more conscious of the increased risks such delegation brings.  As a result firms are recognising that greater oversight is required when business functions are outsourced, increasingly the case in the call centre world.

This is especially true for regulated firms who are policed by a wide range of industry codes and statutory regulations, and are especially conscious of the business risk in outsourcing these activities.  As regulators across the globe mirror each other’s oversight requirements, the stakes for failing to detect and correct poor consumer outcomes are becoming more costly.  In the UK, the conduct regulator (the FCA) adopts robust outsourcing requirements in its Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls [‘SYSC’] sourcebook.  Additionally, the prudential regulator (the PRA) has ensured that firms’ reliance on third parties, in particular through outsourcing arrangements, have been subject to regulatory requirements and expectations for over a decade.  These rules are not unique to the UK and they are not unique to financial services.

Not surprising then that firms who outsource are taking steps to mitigate third party risks by requiring more detailed and structured performance analysis.  Although third party BPO firms attempt to push back on intrusive external oversight, arguing that their own systems of control are adequate, they are failing to win that argument.  We are seeing the same outcomes in the call centre world where our Yabber ecosystem is helping identify high risk calls, looks for vulnerable customers and provides more accurate MI (whether the calls are made by in-house or external staff).  As an independent assessment tool, it is designed to support existing QC functions whichever business model works for individual firms.

In the current climate, our teams are well set up to work remotely and are fully responsive via phone and email as usual.  We have the technology in place to conduct our meetings online or via conference call.  We are confident that the quality of service you receive from us will remain as high as usual, so do give us a call for a chat.

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