Yabber Products

Managed Service – Transcribe and analyse calls

Remote Telephony – Recording calls from home

Virtual Call Centres – Overflow or outsource

The current Covid-19 crisis requires non-essential staff to work remotely.  Contact centres were caught off guard and now face the technical challenge of allowing agents to work from home.

Most BCPs were not tested in advance for such a crisis.  Companies now find that they face a number of problems:

  • The ability to monitor agents remotely doesn’t exist
  • Their current telephony system cannot be accessed remotely
  • Agents don’t have laptops that they can use to work from home as most call centres use desktop computers
  • The call recording functionality doesn’t provide a high enough quality
  • Calls are lost because the system relies on VPN which breaks up 3-4 times per hour
  • Many current CRM systems were not built for cloud-based usage

Our objective is to provide three products to assist companies during this crisis and beyond:

  • Yabber managed-service for transcription, call monitoring and corrective action recommendations
  • Remote call recording telephony system; ‘Yabber Remote’
  • Virtual Call Centre to handle overflows or complete outsourced solution

Yabber created a suite of complimentary offerings that can be taken in part or in whole that covers people, technology and process.  Yabber provides the compliance and quality monitory and analysis processes, BPO partners provide the contact centre agents, and technology partner company provides CRM/telephony/call recording technology where not otherwise available.

3 Products

We have various product offerings, but of particular relevance in the current climate are:

  1. Managed service – Yabber core proposition
    • Analyse and assess customer interactions and provide insight into key risk areas using a combination of AI and human expertise
    • 100% of all conversations monitored from your own call recording system or one of our solutions below – see yabberglobal.com
  2. Telephony System
    • Plug and play system that allows any number of agents to work remotely which can be deployed in a matter of hours [dependent on system requirements] or fully integrated with the clients own CRM which, in most cases can be deployed within 10 days
    • The user interface can be deployed in different languages
  3. Virtual Contact Centre
    • We provide experienced agents who can either manage overflow calls or assist with companies who face staffing issues during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond

Remote Telephony/Call Recording Overview

For clients who are challenged with agents working remotely, we offer:

  • A cloud-based, plug and play multi-channel contact centre solution that is easy, efficient, scalable, adaptable and integration-friendly
  • Outbound calls with predictive dialler functionality as well as inbound recording
  • Reports are customizable
  • Provide log-in administration for clients to manage campaigns easily and effectively
  • Solutions for most countries and all data is stored on AWS
  • Ability to integrate with host CRM system through open APIs or standalone

Virtual Contact Center Overview

In this growing crisis, customers are frightened which results in increased call volumes.  We can provide:

  • Experienced and multi-lingual agents who can assist with overflow challenges, outbound sales, customer service calls, vulnerable customer call handling
  • Depending on your daily needs, we can provide enough agents to manage your internal service level agreements
  • Multiple languages (UK English, Australian English, US English, all EU languages + Hindi)
  • 24-hour, 7 day a week service available for most global time zones
  • All data is stored and encrypted at rest on AWS cloud-based solutions

Technical Requirements

Agents need the following equipment in order to use our platform:

  • PC with Microsoft Windows XP 7, 8, 10 or Mac OSx 10.7 or newer
  • Minimum 2GB RAM and 1.8 GHz CPU
  • Web access via Internet Browser (Google Chrome or Firefox)
  • Stable broadband capacity
  • Headset (USB-connection to the agent’s PC)