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Voice analytics – the importance of ‘first call resolution’

There are now hundreds of call centre metrics being called for, not least because of the working from home challenges for those that operate such business models. As many of our clients are UK regulated businesses operating within the financial services sector, we are often asked for help around some common themes; ‘treating customers fairly’ and a more recent descript – ‘customer duty’ are recent examples.

While traditional call centre metrics are important, firms wanting to up their TCF game need to refocus away from numbers and focus on actual customer satisfaction measures.

Many businesses still measure their customer experience and satisfaction ratings using systems that ask one simple question, “How likely is it that you’d recommend this brand to a friend or colleague?” Customers are then categorised as either promoters, passives, or detractors. While measuring the number output may have some appeal in certain circumstances, it doesn’t help firms really understand if customers’ issues are resolved quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Worse, the score is normally way after the event, so it does not pick up what was said at the time and risks firms’ metrics being skewed – unhappy customers being more likely to complete the survey.

Firms we work with are looking to understand what was actually said and whether there was a ‘first call resolution’. This is a true measurement of how agents are dealing with customers and whether their interactions result in positive outcomes. Our outputs can accurately measure customer satisfaction and our work with firms over time is showing positive improvements in this area. As Yabber allows firms to monitor 100% of all calls it is not surprising!

We can do this efficiently and cost effectively. Our system is proven to help firms improve compliance, reduce costs, and increase revenue. To learn more, arrange a demo of the system or simply have a chat, give us a call to find out how we can help.

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