Yabber Global

What can Yabber do for you?

Sometimes products and concepts sound just too complicated to consider.  Although we believe our proposition is easy to understand, sometimes it is good to break things down to basics.  So, we thought we would keep this message simple; this is what Yabber can do for you:

Speech to text transcription converting 100% of your call recordings to text, which means that you can identify what was said and what was missed on all your customer calls

Dedicated analysts to support each client, which means that we allocate to you specialist expertise with vast experience drawn from multiple industry sectors

Individual consultation to identify and recommend search criteria, which means that we help you achieve your business aims and reduce process inefficiencies

Searches and reports against identified compliance criteria, which means that we will highlight good or bad practice, enabling you to accurately focus training needs and achieve positive customer outcomes

Customisable campaigns with bespoke reporting, which means that we enable managers to drill down and review individual agent scores and call quality

Provides meaningful management information via an at-a-glance ‘traffic light’ dashboard, which means that we help you easily identify compliance issues for escalation and risk assessment

We created Yabber to help companies improve standards in compliance and workflow processes, specifically within customer contact centres.  That is exactly what we are doing for clients in various regulated industries in many countries, while delivering projects in Global English, Hindi-English, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish.  We enjoy helping our clients make a difference, it is creating that buzz that drives us.  Maybe we can help you manage the things that keep you awake at night?  Give us a call to find out.