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Working from home – the need for Yabber

In the current climate, it is not surprising that contact centre staff are being sent home.  Traditionally working in close proximity to each other to generate positive sales or service environments, companies have had to adapt to the changes in working patterns enforced on them by COVID 19, by shutting contact centres down for now.

But that doesn’t stop inbound calls and in the current financial climate more and more people will be seeking support from their lenders and suppliers and the quickest way to do that is by speaking to someone on the phone.  Because of the nature of mortgage lending in particular, it is critical that lenders properly record conversations they are having with borrowers, particularly when requests for payment holidays are already soaring.

Lenders need to maintain good customer outcome philosophies and practices, whilst protecting themselves by carrying out complete risk assessments.

On phone calls specifically, they need to:-

  1. Ensure compliance with their own (and governmental or regulatory advice)
  2. Ensure that an accurate record of conversations, concessions and agreements are kept
  3. Be able to provide a copy of that for any client if they ask for it
  4. Protect themselves against potential future claims for miss-selling or inappropriate advice
  5. Prove to have an efficient process that is auditable post event
  6. Create a positive experience for customers

Yabber can help with all these issues.  We have also created specific solutions to a number of the issues facing the contact centre sector, not simply to help in the current crisis, but also to support companies in the longer term. See our solutions here, or give us a call to see how we can help

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